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  Recent photos:  
  Shea O'Brien's Golf 2015
    June 2015/Tandem landings  
  Skydiving     Waz Up!! Boogie 2015  
  Aviation May 2015
Aerial     April 2015  
  People and Portraits     January 2015  
Nature and Scenery   Collegiate National 2014  
  Sports and Action     December 2014  
  Travel and Journalism     November 2014  
  Weddings&Family Events     October 2014  
  Animals and Wildlife     September 2014  
  Music     August 2014  
  UHD/4K Video Samples     July 2014  
      June 2014  
      Iron Workers  May 17 2014  
        May 2014  
        Costa Rica, December 2013  
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West Point November 2013
      St. Martin, April 2013  
        Mayan Tour Mexico, 2013  
        Peru 2012  

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